Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hatsune Miku Magnet Headphones

Hey guys! Here's my awesome tutorial for Hatsune Miku's Magnet Headset. :) Lets hope that it doesn't totally fail on me. ^^; I've been wanting to make these for a while because they're the only thing that I'm missing from my Miku Magnet cosplay. >:T Well actually that's not completely true, I'm also missing the gloves, but I think I can get away with not having them. :) This tutorial is for the full size bulky photo shoot headphones. I'll be making another tutorial for headphones that are more comfortable to wear at a convention. :) But yeah, here's the tutorial!

STEP 1: Reference picture!! XD

STEP 2: Gathering materials:
  • A headband
  • Black Sharpie
  • Black paint (optional)
  • Thick foam board
  • A jumbo paper clip
  • Hot glue sticks and hot glue gun
  • Mini hat (see Mini Hats on a Budget  Tutorial for instructions)
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper
  • Heavy books
  • Elmer's Liquid Glue
  • Scissors
  • A pen
  • Hot pink card stock
  • A craft knife or sharp pocket knife (so to cut out the designs in the butterfly template)
  • Pliers (option to use for straightening the paper clip)
  • Magnet butterfly and earpiece templates:

STEP 3: On a Mac (which is what I use) the butterfly should be 'fit to page' and the earpieces should have both pieces on one sheet of paper. The pic itself should be 50% of the actual size. WARNING: you should probably print out the butterflies mirrored to each other. I didn't do that so I had to cut it out and color the back side black. ^^;

STEP 4: Take your templates and cut them out. Then take your craft knife or sharp pocket knife and painstakingly cut out all of the white designs from the butterfly templates. Be careful when useing a knife, they are very sharp and pointy.

STEP 5: Take your newly cut butterfly templates and glue them to your card stock. Place a piece of paper in between the flat surface, the butterflies and the stack of books. These papers prevent the glue from drying on the surface, the other 'wing' and the stack of books on top of them. Now place the card stock under a stack of heavy books and on a flat surface so that they will dry flat. Then wait for the glue to dry for the whole day and the following night. This allows the glue to dry all the way before we disturb it. :)

STEP 6: After the templates have dried completely take them and cut them out again. If your card stock is not the color that you want, you can color the designs so that it suites your taste. :)

STEP 7: When you've cut out the wings take the earpieces and cut them out if you hadn't already and glue them to your wings. But before you glue them take one of earpieces and trace it onto your foam. You'll use this foam in the next step. As an optional step you can glue them to card stock so that they have a more rigid look and feel to them, otherwise just cut them out and paste 'em. Place the earpieces (at least, if not the whole thing if you want) under the stack of heavy books on a flat surface so that they will dry flat. :)

STEP 8: Once they're dry, take the stack of books off of the wings. Now take your foam and cut out the two circles that you've previously traced onto the foam. These circles will be the base part of your actual headphone that you'll glue to the headband. Heat up you hot glue gun, while you wait put on the headband and place the foam circles under each side so that they look how you want them to look. :) Then take a pen and mark where the end of the headband is. The mark should look something like a sideways bracket - ] this is just so that you know where to glue the headband to the circles. :) When your hot glue gun is heated up take it and glue the circles to the headband then wrap masking tape around the whole thing. (I don't have a pic of this but you can see it in the vid I will try to post soon. :D )

STEP 9: Now when they dry all the way take your butterflies and hot glue them to the foam circles that you've glued to the headband. Make sure to wear the headband during this step so that the butterflies aren't off center or anything like that. :)
Color the edges of the headphones so that there's no foam uncolored.

STEP 10: Now that you've glued the butterflies to the headphones it's time to make the microphone! XD It's super duper easy to make. All you have to do is take your jumbo paper clip and straighten it out as much as you can. Then, with the headphones on, stick the paper clip into the right headphone. Have someone help you adjust it so that it's in the right position. Take out the paper clip and place some hot glue on top of the hole that it has left then push the paper clip back into the hole. Adjust it while the glue is still hot or it'll be impossible to get it at the right angle! >~< Now take the scraps of the foam and cut a small rectangle piece. This is for the actual microphone bit for the end of the paper clip. :) Color/paint it black with the two red stripes on the front. Stick it onto the end of the wire, adjust before gluing. When it's in the right place, glue it. 

STEP 11: You're almost done with your headphones! XD Yey! All you have to do now is glue the mini hat to the top of the headband and you're done! So, if look in the pics or even in other pics Miku's hat is shifted to the right so that it's off center. For this part have someone help you, so you take the hat place it where you want it and keep a mental note of where it was so that when you remove the hat you'll know where to put the hot glue. You'll place the glue in two places once directly on the headband and the other on a little piece of black ribbon. Take the ribbon and make it go across the headband so that most of the length is on either side of the headband and only a small section is actually on the headband. Let the glue cool and you've got a new set of Magnet Miku headphones! XD

Thanx to everyone who views this tutorial and all of my other ones! It hasn't been a year yet and I'm already receiving views from around the world! Please comment and such! I would love your feedback! :D 

Here's a few of the pics I took of me in my Miku Magnet cosplay. :)

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