Monday, May 6, 2013

Vocaloid Arm Warmers :D

This tutorial can be used for any arm warmer needs that you have....I think....^_^; But I do know that you can use it for at least all of the Vocaloids that have arm warmers. Ex. Kagamine Twins, Miku, Luka, ect. The steps are the same it's just that you'll need to change the colors, add/take away a few things, or change the pattern a little bit. :) You can use this tutorial for leg warmers as well, just adjust the measurements add whatever you need and shoopah! Awesome leg warmers.

STEP 1: If you know who Miku or whichever Vocaloid your cosplaying as looks like then you shouldn't need one. But here's a couple anyway. ; ) -miku/3005-7367/

STEP 2: Gather your materials:

  • Black Fabric
  • Colored Fabric (The color depends on which Vocaloid you're cosplaying as I'm doing Rin, so I'll be using a yellow/goldish color)
  • Elastic, preferably wide but any will do
  • Flexible Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • sewing machine or thread and needle
  • Clear Vinyl
  • White Printer Paper
  • A Pen, Pencil, Marker, or anything else that you can use to draw out your pattern
  • Arm Warmer printout (Here's are links to two fairly good pics, pick whichever one you like best:
STEP 3: Now we're going to make the pattern. The pattern shape should be composed of a rectangle and two triangles. The height of the pattern should measure up to be (for Rin) from your elbow to about where you can still see the tips of you four fingers. For Miku the sleeve should measure from about your mid upper arm down to where you can still see you four fingertips. The botton width can vary but the top will be the circumference of your upper arm plus two extra inches for seam allowance.

STEP 4: After you've got your pattern measured properly and cut out, take your black fabric, fold the fabric in half, and pin your pattern to it. Then cut out your pattern, there should be two cut-outs of your pattern (one for each arm). If you're making your whole Vocaloid cosplay, or any other cosplay that has matching arm warmers the same color as on the cosplay, from scratch I would suggest that you make sure to use fabric from the same batch or else your color shades won't match.

STEP 5: Now it's time to cut out your colored bands. First make a pattern for your bands. It should measure to be three inches high and the length of either the top or bottom of your sleeve, depending on which bands you're cutting out. When you have your pattern cut out pin it to your fabric, which should be folded in half, and cut your pattern out so that you have two bands when you unpin the pattern from the fabric. Repeat this step for the other set of bands. If the arm warmers that you're making don't have colored bands then use the same fabric for the top band and hem the bottom. If they have some other kind of embellishment or decoration shoot me a comment with a pic and I will see if I can make a tutorial for the decorations.

STEP 6: Now to sew the colored bands to your arm warmer. For the top bands I find it easier to thread the elastic through as you're sewing. Of course I do most of my sewing by hand, so if you have a machine please comment and tell me how you would thread the elastic through. Then for the bottom bands you sew straight across. Now before you actually sew the bands you'll have to fold and pin them. First, choose which side is going to be the front and which is going to be the back. Then you'll pin one edge of the colored fabric to the edge of the black fabric so that there is no colored fabric hanging off of the edge of the black and unpin then repin it in place about half an inch below the edge. Then fold the colored over the edge so that there should be about an inch and a half is hanging over the edge. Before you pin the other side, fold the unpinned edge half an inch then pin using the pins that you used for the other side. Then sew band in place. Repeat for all bands.

STEP 7: Set aside your arm warmer and get out your clear vinyl. You'll be cutting a rectangle piece for the electronic looking things on the front. Your vinyl size will depend on your arm warmer size. But you want to place it so the top of the vinyl is 2-4 inches away from the bottom of your top band and only an inch or two away from the top of your bottom band. The width of your vinyl should be about half the width of your arm warmer. I sewed mine on by hand but I think sewing it with a machine is a lot better because the vinyl on mine is kind of loose because I sewed it on by hand. Ok, when sewing you want to leave the top unsewed so that you can slip the paper into the pocket that you've made with the vinyl. 

STEP 8: Now that you've sewed your bands and vinyl to the main piece take your two edges and pin them so that they are inside out. Pin your edges and then sew along your edge. Make sure to pull the two ends of the elastic so that the upper band fits around your arm comfortably. Then cut the excess elastic though make sure to leave half an inch so that you can sew your elastic to the fabric. Sew the edges and the elastic when that's done take your arm warmer and flip it inside out so that you can see the vinyl and the seams are not showing.

STEP 9: Print out the arm warmer picture, slip it into the vinyl pocket. If it doesn't fit correctly, DO NOT RESEW! Either cut the paper or adjust the size on the computer and print it out again.

STEP 10: Repeat steps 3-9 as many times as you need/want. You might want to repeat step 2 if you're trying to mass produce for friends. :)

And there you go! A completed arm warmer just for you or a friend! I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you. It took me a really long time to write this tutorial, almost two months! So enjoy your arm warmer, comment and tell me what you liked about my tutorial. I would love to receive requests from anyone and everyone. :D

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