Monday, September 16, 2013

Italy's Flag from Hetalia

This tutorial will be so short and simple that you'll cry in embarrassment because you never thought of doing it this way. :D But really, this project will take you maybe a half hour to an hour to make depending on how pro you are at sewing.

STEP 1: Reference Pic, all the flag is a rectangle of white fabric on a stick with all of the edges hemmed so that the fabric won't fray. Here's a pic anyway. :)

STEP 2: Gathering materials and stuff, you'll need-
White fabric
A wooden flagpole (like the one from one of those mini American flags)
A needle and white thread
Sewing machine (optional)
Sewing pins
Scissors (optional)

STEP 3: Measure out the amount of fabric that is desirable to you. Cut it as needed. 

STEP 4: Roll and pin the hems on all sides. You don't want the hems to be too big or your flag will look a bit awkward when everything's said and done.

STEP 5: Sew the hems then take one of the shorter sides and make a pocket for the stick to slide in. Sew two of the three sides of the pocket so that only one end is open. 

STEP 6: Slide the stick into place and ta da! You've got a white flag!

As you can tell this is a super easy tutorial and almost everyone that has just a bit of sewing skills can do this project. :) It's the rest of the Italy cosplay that's hard to make. ^_^; So yeah, enjoy your new flag! :D Also, please visit my YouTube page and please leave comments and reviews below. :D

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