Monday, April 22, 2013

Cheshire's Scarf From Pandora Hearts

Here's my tutorial for Cheshire's scarf from Pandora Hearts.

STEP 1: Find a reference pic like this one:,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNGvrXgGLUaltcBlAuBKiVWOfwr2pA&ust=1365956298490998

STEP 2: Here's a list of supplies that you will need:

  • Black material (Depending on where you live the kind of fabric will vary, If you live somewhere cold you'll need a thicker material than some who lives in the desert)
  • Black thread
  • Two medium or large jingle bells (the size of the bells depend on what you want, Im going to use a slightly larger bell than the one that I used for the choker)
  • Red ribbon (preferably use the same shade that you would use for the choker)
  • Blank printer paper or any kind of scrap paper
  • Scissors
  • Office tape
  • A pencil, pen, or anything that you can use to draw your pattern with

STEP 3: Measure around your chest, around one side so that the tape measure goes around one shoulder and under the opposite arm. If you're female make sure to measure your chest when it's bound, or else you'll have the wrong measurements. After you've measured around your chest measure out how long you want your scarf to be. I have mine stopping just above my ankles. Now decide on how wide you want your scarf to be. Mine is about 5 inches wide, make sure to add at least an inch for seam allowance.

STEP 4: Now take your measurements and start making your pattern. I taped a bunch of different sheets of paper together to make mine. After you're done tracing your pattern cut it out and place it on a folded piece of black fabric. Then pin the pattern to the fabric and cut out the pattern, then unpin the pattern and pin just the two pieces of fabric together.

STEP 5: Now sew the scarf part, not the part that raps around your torso. Because if you do that then you will have to start all over from scratch. And that would suck for you to have to start all over and waste fabric. Before you do this next part make sure to flip the scarf inside out or else you'll have to start over, sew the top of the scarf where the wrap around part meets the scarf part. Also do not sew the bottom of your scarf, because if you look at the picture you can see that the bottom of the scarf is puffed up a bit. So to get that look you'll need to get some left over batting or something else that you can stuff the bottom of your scarf with. Here's some advice though, don't use anything that will weigh down the scarf considerably, or you won't want to wear it during any cons because you won't want to haul around all of that extra weight. Of course that's just my option, if you would like to carry around a few extra pounds with you as some sort of work out then good for you! Now to sew the top part where it wraps around I decided to just hem it and sew the ends together.

STEP 6: Now to do what I mentioned in the last step, after you've sewn everything stuff the end of the scarf so you get that slightly puffy look. It's optional to sew the ends, just make sure to leave at least two inches on the bottom because you want it to look like it's only been tied with the red ribbon. When you tie the ribbon the end of the scarf you need to attach the bell somehow. I would sew the bell onto the tied ribbon but you can hot glue it or however it works for you.

STEP 7:  You have now completed one side of your scarf!!! Yey! Now it's time to make the other side. repeat Steps 4-6 and you'll have the other side of your scarf!

STEP 8: Now take your two completed sides of Cheshire's Scarf and put them on. Make sure that they're on different sides so that they intercept to make an "X" across your chest. Have a friend help you pin the two scarf parts together so that when you take it off the "X" will still be there.

STEP 9: Now that you have your scarf parts pinned to each other, it's time to sew 'em together! Make sure that you're not sewing the front and back of the scarf together, because if that happens then you won't be able the wear your scarf. You can sew them together however you want, though I would recommend that you sew along the edges so that you get a diamond shape.

Yey! Now you're done and you have a Cheshire Cat scarf from Pandora Hearts! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more tutorials! On another note. . . sorry you guys but I haven't been able to get my videos posted yet, so just please be patient with me and I'll try to get them up as soon as possible.

Okay! Well here's the video for this tutorial. I was finally able to get it posted and as a bonus it didn't take me too long either! Since I posted the written tutorial on April 22 and I got the video up yesterday (April 23). So yeah, I will try to get the Cheshire Necklace tutorial vid up as soon as I can but until then keep checking to see if I've posted any more tutorials here on my blog! :D Alright well I have checked several times and my little video link is not working.... >_> grrrr... So I guess you'll just have to settle for a vid link. Like this one ---> Thank you to everyone that has viewed my blog and now my YouTube page. Please subscribe to my YouTube page because if you do it should alert you if I have a new tutorial for you to look at. :)

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