Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Tip #2

The pros and cons of hand sewing and machine sewing. It may look a little bias, and it is. That's because I tend to use hand sewing a lot more than a sewing machine because I don't have one that actually works. ^^; So yeah, well here you go!


Easier to do small things like very detailed embroidery
Easier to work with thicker fabrics and more folds of fabric
Very portable
Doesn't cost that much

Takes a really long time to sew large projects like Cheshire's gloves (manga version)
Very hard to keep your stitches straight
Less professional look
Can be a lot harder for beginners, but practice makes perfect!


Easy to use (sometimes ^^;)
Has a more professional look
Takes a lot less time to complete larger projects
Depending on what kind of sewing machine you have or get, it can be easier to use than had sewing

Not portable
Loud (well louder than hand sewing)
Costs a lot more than hand sewing, you can buy one at a DI or any other thrift store :)
Uses electricity which in turn can raise your electrical bill if you use it a lot

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