Friday, October 4, 2013

Magnet Mikuo Cosplay

Hey guys. This is going to be a really easy tutorial because I don't really have to do that much work with this cosplay. :) So yeah, this is a really simple cosplay and I bet you can probably find most if not all of the clothing  in your closet or your brother or dad's closets. :D Yep so here's the tutorial!

STEP 1: Reference Picture!! XD

You can use either of these styles. I've seen mor but these are the more common ones that are online. :)

STEP 2: Gathering Materials:
  • A black, long sleeve, button down shirt or black wide strap tank top
  • Black pants (jeans would be best)
  • A pair of black shoes
  • A pair of black fingerless gloves (optional)
  • Teal tie (optional, for the button down)
  • Magnet headphones of the right color
STEP 3: If you can't find any fingerless black gloves then just buy a pair of gloves then cut the fingers off.

STEP 4: For the headphones, go to the tutorial post named Hatsune Miku Magnet Headphones. The only big change will be that there's no hat on Mikuo's headphones. Other than that everything's the same. :)

And I think that's it! See how easy that was? The only real time consuming thing in this cosplay is the headphones. Other than that there's very little effort put into this cosplay. Which makes it a very good candidate for that last minute cosplay for the con next week or something like that. The only downside to this cosplay is that you have to buy most of the stuff. You can re-use some of the stuff that you already have for this cosplay in order to cut down on the cost. :)

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