Monday, February 9, 2015

Jack/Jackie Frost Cosplay

Hey guys! :D This tutorial was supposed to be posted several months ago but I guess I decided that it needed to get ignored for a while before posting it. -_-;;; It was supposed to be for a con my friend and I were going to attend this past October but that never happened because she moved out of state. TTT^TTT I know, sadness. I have yet to fully complete my Jackie cosplay and for now I've put it on the 'Waiting to be Completed' list because of a bigger project I'm working on, I'll talk about that a bit more at the end. ^_^;;; Well let's get started!

STEP 1: Reference Pics!!!

STEP 2: Gathering Materials:
  • Two dark blue pullover hoodies
  • Light and dark brown fabric
  • Brown thread
  • Sewing machine or needle
  • White fabric paint
  • A sponge brush and small detailing craft brush
  • A paper plate or plastic cup
  • Regular scissors and sewing shears
  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Straight ruler and a flexible measuring tape
  • Brown wide ribbon (optional)
  • Newspaper
STEP 3: First you're going to paint the hoodies so that they can dry while you make the rest of the cosplay. :) First you need to recognize where you need to paint, which is mostly around the neckline and upper chest area. Next are the ends of the sleeves and the edges of the front pocket. Some people add some on the edges around the hood. There are a lot of different ways to paint the frost on the jacket. Some people make the patterns very floral and swirly where as some make them more jagged and harsh-angled. I would say that if you can get a happy medium between the two would be best. :) Before you start painting test out some designs on your scrap paper to ensure that you will be happy with how you do it on your hoodie. Also keep in mind that the farther away from the edges of the hoodie you go the scarcer the frost becomes.

STEP4: Now that you've mastered the frost design/pattern you want to use, it's time to get painting! XD Make sure that you read the directions on the bottle of fabric paint so that you don't accidentally intoxicate yourself while using the product. :3 That would be bad. ^_^;;; First you'll want to spread out your hoodie on a sheet of butcher paper or several sheets of news paper. Make sure that it's in a place where it won't be disturbed until it has dried all the way. You'll want to do only one side at a time so that the paint has time to dry. :) You will want to go over some of the designs closest to the neckline, cuffs, and any edges where the frost is thicker. 

STEP 5: Yay!! You have now completed the most difficult part of the whole cosplay! XD Now onto the bottoms. :) For Jack you'll want the get a pair of tight-ish jeans and draft a pattern from them. Then when you have your pants all sewn and pretty you're going to take a pair of crappy scissors and hack at the hems of each pant leg. When the fabric is all frayed and it looks like how you want it take either strips of the dark brown fabric and sew them into a narrow fabric tube and iron them flat. Then sew the middle of the strip to the middle of the back of your pants. Do this to both pant legs. Then for extra detail (which is optional!) have a friend paint more frost on your pant cuffs and all the way up to the top of where your "straps" are. By doing this you add a detail that most beginner Jack cosplayers don't. :)

For Jackie she is mostly seen wearing either brown shorts or a brown pleated skirt and sometimes both in the combination known as skorts. :) You can do either one but I will show you how I did my skorts. 

All I did for the skirt was follow this tutorial: How To Cosplay: Pleated Skirt Then for the shorts I tried to find a pair before I made the skirt but it didn't happen so I used my Default Kagamine Rin shorts as a pattern for Jackie's shorts. I made them a bit shorter than the pair I used for a pattern so that you can't really see them unless I twirl around or the wind decides to flip up my skirt. :)

STEP 6: For Jackie's little ankle ribbon things you can either use actual ribbon or make more dark brown fabric tubes and iron them flat. I'm going to use the fabric method. First you'll want to wrap a flexible measuring tape around your ankle and lower calf however you want the ribbon/fabric to wrap around your legs. Then take two smaller, slightly wider fabric tubes/strips and tie them into perfect little bows. You can either glue or sew them to the longer fabric strips then use either Velcro or a snap to keep the two ends together. ;) You'll probably want to put a piece of double sided fashion tape on the inside if each ankle ribbon to help it stay up and not get in the way of you walking. :)

STEP 7: As you know many, if not all, anime conventions require you to wear shoes. As you may notice, neither Jack nor Jackie wears shoes. So to make this cosplay all the more accurate for conventions use this tutorial to make invisible shoes: andsewingishalfthebattle's invisible shoes tutorial Not only will these shoes work for cons, you can wear them for when you're wanting to just walk around in public as any sort of barefooted character! XD

Yay! Now you're done with the clothing parts of these cosplays! :D I will post two other posts for these cosplays dealing with styling the wigs and making Jack/Jackie's staff, and maybe another one for some basic make-up that I'm going to use for Jackie and depending on if my Jack is going to wear a bit of make-up I'll see if I decide on posting it with Jackie's tutorial. :) Thanx for reading this tutorial and please keep watching for new tutorials for these cosplays and all of my other projects!  I'll also post pics for this tutorial at a different time. :)XD I should be posting something for Elsa's ice dress at some point in the future. Right now I'm working mostly on my Masquerade/formal Elsa  :3 I'm making it for a con that's coming up next month. If you want to see a reference pic of what I'll be making then check out my Otaku Cosplay Journal. This project is one that will most definitely stretch my skills as both a seamstress and cosplayer. ^w^

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