Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Tip # 3

Yey! The third installment of my random tips! XD This specific tip is for more of the beginners. :)

When you don't know who to cosplay as, pick a character that has common personality traits with yourself. Like if you you're younger, outgoing, and generally happy but everyone seems to ignore you; do some research on Sealand from Hetalia. :) Most of the characters from Hetalia are fairly easy to cosplay as because they have a more regular style of clothing. For a lot of characters you can probably find a more 'casual' form of their original cosplay.
Take Miku for example. Miku is a Vocaloid with long teal hair pulled up into two pigtails. This is her default cosplay:

It's made up of a sleeveless gray collared shirt with teal trim, a teal tie, black arm warmers with teal trim, a black skirt with teal trim, thigh high socks with teal trim, black boots, and her specific set of Vocaloid headphones. This cosplay can cost you up to $150 online (at least that's as how high I've found it to be). This whole cosplay cost me about $20 - $30, not including the wig. It was a combined effort with my friend who sewed the trim on the shirt and skirt, made me the headphones and bought the tie for me.
My boots were a pair that my mom was going to throw away, I renovated and fixed them up so that they would look nice enough to look only slightly used. :) My grandma bought me the fabric to make my arm warmers and I sewed them by hand. I have yet to buy and make the socks.
I got the wig off of eBay for $27.99 + free shipping and I got a free wig cap with it too. :) You see, you want to go through all of the results of your eBay search before you choose one because my friend told me that she bought a England wig for $15.99 then found another for $10.99 + free shipping.

Wow I got really off topic. ^^;;; Now back to casual cosplay. :) Casual cosplay is really easy to do. For a Miku casual cosplay, I got a girly gray tee, light blue skinny jeans, and black boots. See? Easy-peasy. :)

And another tip, I got this from the YouTube vid series Cosplay 101, become a hoarder! You'll never know what will come in handy some day! ^w^ I guess that's it for today! :) See you next time! :D

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