Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rin Wig Review :)

Hey guys! Well my Rin wig came today! I am so excited because it wasn't actually supposed to come today, it was supposed to come sometime next week! So yeah, I's happy about that. ^w^ The wig is has a nice color to it and is good quality. The only thing I didn't like about it at first was how short it is in the back, but I guess that since my hair's so long and thick that it makes the wig seem shorter than what it would be if I had shorter and/or thinner hair. I bought it from TaoBaoPit on Amazon. I have already posted the link but here's another to the post here on my blog:  So I would give this wig an awesome rating and you guys will NOT regret it! Unless you could use the money somewhere else then I guess you would regret it a little bit. ^^;;; So yeah, over all my Rin wig is good quality, has a good color, and is fairly cheap considering some of the other wig prices that I've seen. :)

Here's some pics of my wig. The color can change with different monitors/screens.

Front ------v

Side ------v

Back ------v

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