Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Really Late New Year!!! XXXDDD

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to post again. I haven't done much cosplay stuff until today. But before I get into that... Happy New Year everyone!!! This is my first post of the new year! YAY! XD so now back to cosplay stuffs. :3 today I went out to my local Jo-Ann's and bought several things.

Five patterns, all from Simplicity. And I know it's a crappy pic but that's what I get for using my iPod camera to take pics. >_< So if you can't see, then I'm sorry, but all of the cosplays that are showing in the pic are the ones that I'm wanting to make. So yeah, lots of stuff on my cosplay to-do list. ^_^;;;; the five cosplays are listed from right to left in the pic; steampunk outfit, kimono/yukata, Lolita dress, Elsa's coronation outfit, and a Shingeki No Kyojin Recon Core cape. 

Next, FAAAABRRRRRIIC!!!!!!! And a rotary cutter! ^w^ you can't really tell in this pic but the fabric color is a dark green, I'll be using it for my Recon Core cape. 

So all together I got everything for $33. The total price is so low because everything was on sale. The patterns were 5 for $5, originally they cost between $16-19, the fabric was 40% off, and the rotary cutter was 50%. So I saved a total of $109.90! Crazy right?! XD Being able to find deals like that is a very important skill to have as a beginning cosplayer. Even more expirenced cosplayers still use this skill. I know I do! ^w^ I think I'll make a different post about budgeting and such. :) but for now this is the end, I hope you like my blog and please continue to read my posts!! X3

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