Sunday, April 6, 2014

Random Tip #4

This post will be about some con advice, so it won't be too long of a post. ;)
First of all, if you're not an experienced con-goer then I would recommend that you go with someone with at least a little bit of con experience or a group of three or four people. This way it will be less scary if you're going to a larger con and my personal opinion is that it's lots more fun with at least one other person there with you, especially if it's a friend. :)
ALWAYS WEAR OR HAVE AT LEAST ONE PAIR OF COMFORTABLE SHOES!!!!!!!!! Going to a con and walking around in uncomfortable shoes for 12 - 15 hours at a con is a great way to wreck any sort or good experience you might have at the con you're attending. >:(
Water is an awesome thing to have especially if the con you're attending is in a place with either high humidity or heat or both. Cash is also your friend because most small time vendors and artists don't accept cards, whether they be debit or credit. : /

But the most important thing you need to have at a con is fun! If you don't have fun at the con you're attending then why even bother to go? I mean it's just going to end up as a waste of your money so why even spend it that way? So fun really is the most important thing you can do/have at an anime convention. :D

Thanx for reading! Please continue to do so too! XD

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