Saturday, May 17, 2014

Miku Plushie :3

Hey guys! So yeah, I know this post has nothing to do with cosplay, but it is anime so I might as well post about it. :) So recently I started making plushies! :D I got all of my felt at Walmart, 23 cents per solid colored sheet. I got the pattern off of Deviantart, so it's not mine to own. ^_^

Isn't she. . .

just adorable? :)

Yeah, I let my friend draw the face on my plushie. The first try wasn't such a success. ^^;;; She put way too much detail into the face and in the end all of the cute detail just kinda bled together making it look not so cute. ^^;;;;;;;;;; Her second attempt looks way better since it's much more simple than the first. :) So yeah, I will post more pics of any other plushies I complete in the future! :D

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