Monday, April 20, 2015

What Happened That Day?

So I was looking at my stats and I saw that on April 18, 2015 I had the most views I have ever gotten on a single day! A whopping total of 55! XD So I was just wondering what was up on that day... was there a con or something that everyone was trying to get ready for? I'd love to know! :) I would also like to know what cosplays you want tutorials for. I haven't posted much and I'm not certain about my next project. I have Nico Yazawa cosplay planned towards the end of the summer and I still have to get my Formal/Fancy Elsa completed but I'm not quite certain about what I should do after that. ^_^;;; I'll put up another poll and I'll have choices that you guys can vote for. :) The poll will be open til the end of May! So get your votes in fast! ^w^ Love you guys for looking at my blog and reading my tutorials! :D

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  1. Hello, I'm a cosplay lover but quite amateur. This blog is very interesting and good for the beginners, I wanna know if I can translate this article into Spanish and reblog it in the official blog of , now I'm trying to making cosplay costumes ;)