Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Simple Cosplay Tutorials!!!!

Hooraaaaay!!! We've made it through year two!! XXXDDD this has been an awesome year all thanx to you guys! Currently I am not at home to enjoy this celebration, as of today I am in New Port, California. :3 My parents rented a beach house for the week because of Spring Break. It's beautiful here and the beach is a short walk away. ^w^ For the past couple of days it's been cloudy and overcast but today it's bright and sunny. XD I had the thought to bring cosplay on this vacation. :3 I was able to bring only one cosplay, and the lucky cosplay waaaas........ Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid (default)!! XD So please enjoy my photos of Rin at the beach! I will be posting all of my photos on my World Cosplay page. I will try to get them up by this Saturday. :3 If you would like the link then please click the 'My WorldCosplay Page' tab above. Again, thanx for the past year! Every one of my viewers made it epically awesome!!! XXXDDD 

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